Google Media Server

Google Media Server 1.0

A UPnP MultiMedia Server for Windows made by Google
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Google Media Server is a gadget that enables multimedia sharing of file stored on your computer and view it on TV.
There is a technology called UPnP. In a nutshell, it allows multiple devices (regardless of brand) to connect including arming a network for sharing information, this means computers, video game consoles, televisions, mobile phones and portable video players, among others.

Using this technology, Google Media Server can install on your computer (Windows only for now) to share your downloaded videos, music or photos stored on your hard disk for viewing on your TV using the PlayStation 3 for example, in addition you can see your videos from YouTube or Picasa albums.

This greatly facilitates the power to see all your digital content in a larger screen and in your own room, of course it is not the only product on the market with the Xbox 360 is very easy to share information and there are also other programs such as TVersity that are more complex, and we do not forget the hardware solutions to do the same but are quite expensive.

The fact is that we are seeing how Google wants to be everywhere in your digital life, and little by little has launched products to be put up in the soup.

Oscar Upegui
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